We offer a tailored learning approach recognising that women bring a unique set of strengths to work, and in harnessing these strengths, can flourish in leadership positions.



Eve offers a variety of programmes customised to your organisation’s needs. These programmes and formats can be offered stand-alone or combined to offer a more integrated approach.


Examples include:


Creating purpose

Create purpose in your work by exploring the intersection of your strengths, passions and what your organisation needs.

Working with gravitas

Step into your power and build confidence by focusing on the domains of language, body and emotion.

managing your career

Shift your perspective on progressing in your career by focusing on connecting with others, your energy balance and sustainable renewal practices.

Building resilience

Explore your mindset, underlying needs and purpose as you equip yourself for perseverance and long term success.

Creating balance

Work/ life balance is a myth, but you can manage your energy for a more fulfilling life.


Eve recognises the growing need for online learning programmes so we are developing several online modules that can be accessed at any time and completed in your own time.


The courses include:

Insightful video talks
(maximum of 10 mins each)


Questions for reflection


Practices to cement the learning between sessions


A learning plan and written assignment to bring it all together


Suggested further reading 


Topics include:



Women and Presence


Building Resilience
(coming soon)


Managing your Career
(coming soon)

Eve’s one-on-one interactions have been specifically tailored to harness technology (through Skype and e-coaching) in response to the demand of women to create a more accessible, efficient and effective way of interacting in their busy lives.


"I've had the great pleasure of having Inge guiding me through a career and personal transition over the past few months. Inge's ability to ask just the right question, at just the right time, allowed me to explore a version of myself that I hadn't quite known how to access previously, opening up incredible room for growth and insight. Inge's approach was warm & nurturing, yet firm and professional, which opened up a safe space whilst tackling important new territory. As I transitioned into a new career and a new role, Inge's input helped me to enter this new chapter in the most authentic version of myself, for which I am so grateful."
– Shirley Eadie, African School for Excellence
"If you'd told me on the day I first walked into Inge's office that I would leave the global management consulting firm I was working for three years later as confident, well-respected consultant and go on to build a flourishing portfolio of my own client work, I would not have believed you. My self-confidence had taken a battering in the early months of moving to this high-pressure, sleep-deprived, personality-dominated environment. Inge's coaching helped me to create awareness and insight into my situation; to define sustainable solutions and goals; and to celebrate my success. Her approach met me in the moment and simultaneously developed my skills to continue using these techniques in my personal and professional journey."
- Kat Maunders, Ten Thousand Starlings