Eve’s one-on-one interactions have been specifically tailored to harness technology (through Skype and e-coaching) in response to the demand of women to create a more accessible, efficient and effective way of interacting in their busy lives.

"I've had the great pleasure of having Inge guiding me through a career and personal transition over the past few months. Inge's ability to ask just the right question, at just the right time, allowed me to explore a version of myself that I hadn't quite known how to access previously, opening up incredible room for growth and insight. Inge's approach was warm & nurturing, yet firm and professional, which opened up a safe space whilst tackling important new territory.  As I transitioned into a new career and a new role, Inge's input helped me to enter this new chapter in the most authentic version of myself, for which I am so grateful." – Shirley Eadie, African School for Excellence