Welcome to Women and Presence

Your guide to greater presence through working on your language, body and emotions.

This course on Women and Presence is targeted at women in all stages of their careers who want to improve their confidence. If you occasionally get anxious before big meetings and wish you felt more confident, this course is for you.

The course focuses on:

  1. Greater presence through working on your language, body and emotions
  2. Shooting the lights out in your next meeting
  3. Bringing it all together through a learning plan for sustainable change

There are six videos of about 5 - 8 minutes each including theory, exercises and an opportunity to practice new behaviours. Allow for about six weeks to complete the entire course.

What are the requirements?

  • You’ll need to ask for sincere, insightful and honest feedback from someone you trust. I recommend you set up a main feedback relationship with a mentor and then ask for additional feedback from people in specific situations.
  • Make sure to keep a journal on hand for your reflections and insights since the course culminates in a two-page written assignment on your learnings/ insights for "course complete" status.

"This is a fantastic course for women who battle to find their voice and embrace their own presence at work. I especially found the practical tips on emotions and moods and how to be great in meetings helpful. Inge has a practical and clear way of communicating very complex topics, and I have taken away a number of ideas to use in my work context in the next few days and weeks. It's also helpful to realise that we aren't alone in the complexities of being women at home and at work and that there are other, talented, high-powered women who also battle with presence and handling difficult situations well. I am looking forward to thinking more comprehensively about how to be more curious, generate positive emotions and decipher colleagues' emotions based on the frameworks that Inge has left with me so far. This is a great course - I would highly recommend it, to women in the traditional work place, entrepreneurs and those at home building their family and home lives."
- Julia Woods Price, Founder Linea Investments

"Inge is a clear and compelling coach. She presents complex ideas simply and practically. I know exactly how I will "shoot the lights out" in my next meeting. Her suggestions on body language and expressing yourself powerfully are doable and definitely work. I will continue to use the tools in my everyday work and highly encourage others to try it! It was fantastic for me!"
- Lauren Rumble, UNICEF Indonesia

"Inge's clear step-by-step approach and short assignments made it easy to reflect on how language, body and emotions influence my actions. This course helped me gain more confidence at work, especially during meetings. I loved the practical tips in "How to shoot the lights out in meetings"--this is a situation I deal with daily. When I go to meetings now, I have some tools to state my opinion assertively yet still be open for collaboration with colleagues."
- Katy Kraus, Adidas Germany

"Thank you for changing my life! I thought your course was amazing and so helpful. I enjoyed the fact that it's presented in such a simple and understandable way. I would recommend this course for all woman because it's inspiring,encouraging and really gave me the tools to become more confident. Thanks again! Kind regards."
- Barbara-Marie Immelman, Actress